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Tres Leches Cake is the most inspiring cake in the dessert family is complete with different tastes. With this in mind, we bring you A Crypto that you can taste. The main goal of this token is to create a community effort to assist the feature students in having a fantastic education via scholarship donations. After all, the token is driven by the community, and the options are endless.



A 10% tax will be applied to each buy, sale or tranfer transaction and distributed as follows:
Tres Leches Token is available now for trading on BSC
Tres Leches Token will be available for trading soon
Tres Leches Token will be available for trading soon
Mint your own tres leches nft
Our Tres Leches NFT is a collection of our unique Tres Leches Cake, our plans is to expand our collection to include a Dessert Rolodex with the most amazing Desert Recipes. People will be able to buy those amazing deserts and recreate them in their homes. We will invite people to mint their own NFT Recipe of their desert and sale them in our NFT Daap. This is is one of our goals, at the same time it brings an outstanding Utility to our Tres Leches Token and most of all a scholarship opportunities. We cant wait to achieve one and every one of our goals.


1Q 2022 First Stage
2Q 2022 Second Stage
3Q 2022 Third Stage
4Q 2022 Fourth Stage

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We will open the nomination process on the website by submitting a form that will be made available. The community will choose Top 3 candidates to go into a final Interview process. During this interview, the community leads will ask the candidates three main questions. The community then will vote to choose their community winner and award the scholarship.

The winner will be announced on our social media channels. After the winner has been chosen, he will have 30 days (about four and a half weeks) to present the evidence required for the award.

The award will be paid in BNB to the winner, and the transaction will be made available. Why not an official check? This is the cryptocurrency world. We want to encourage all the nominees to use these methods to pay for their college education.

These will all depend on the cryptocurrency market and the token market cap. The money will be taken out of the scholarship wallet and converted into BNB. We should see at least 1,000$ in the scholarship wallet or an equivalent to 10 Billion tokens, and if the value of 10 Billion tokens is more, then we will award that total value to the Winner.

Then we as a community should contribute to make the first Wwinner of the scholarship a success. If everything fails, then the community leads will meet with the Chef and decide how to proceed. But rest assured that we will do our best to meet our goals.

  1. GPA 3.0 or Higher, if this is different in your country, feel free to explain why and what is your current academic achievement.
  2. Proof that you deserve to be the Winner of the scholarship; show the community why and how you plan to change the feature by having a college education.
  3. Current Sophomore or Junior.
  4. A 650-word essay, the Topic will be chosen by the community and announced when the application process is ready to start. Check Roadmap Section.
  5. Must be a Tres Leches Token Holder and always hold at least 1,000 tokens.
  6. Must show proof of enrollment into a higher education institution.
  7. Candidates must be willing to join a telegram channel to answer three questions from the community leads during the nomination process.


Tres Leches Token

Tres Leches Cake is a fascinating and rich one. The idea behind this token is to create a version of this delicious dessert in the cryptocurrency world as a meme token. However, like many memes, we want to give an excellent purpose and utility to the token. Our main goal will be to use the token as a channel to get a potential scholarship for college students. The idea will be to create a scholarship wallet where we will drop 5% of the total supply and select a winner each semester to award the scholarship. We know how hard it is for people to accomplish their goals and how the world makes it harder to attend a good education.

As a community-driven token, all decisions related to it will be made by voting. For this purpose, an electronic voting system has been created through which holders will be able to vote and make proposals related to the operation of the token.

Scholarship Application Form